Showquest Q&A


Are you new to Showquest? We've compiled a list that aims to answer your initial questions!

What schools can enter?

Showquest is open to all ākonga & schools across Aotearoa from year 1-13, this includes home school and correspondence school. Performance team numbers are a maximum of 100 performers. All schools are welcome and teams can be any size smaller than this! These numbers do not include technical and support crew.

How long does it take?

Typically, schools rehearse for around 12 weeks. However, you may decide to get onto it well before then or alternatively, only a couple of months out! Whatever works for you. Showquest requires one full day out of school for the event day where there will be rehearsals as well as the final evening performance.

Where do we perform?

You will perform at a professional venue in your region. Click here for full date and venue information!

What happens on event day?

Event day is a lot of fun! Each school will get an allocated rehearsal time on stage. This time will be sent to you well in advance. Schools are welcome to watch each other schools rehearse and support them at the end with a big cheer! Event day is all about supporting one another and building excitement and confidence to perform that evening. There will be an all schools meeting in the middle of the day where the ākonga are pumped up and given information about the show. Following the final rehearsal that afternoon, all schools will gather again to find out the running order of that night's show.

What happens if my team number changes from when I first register?

That is not a problem at all! We understand that things pop up throughout the year and students may longer be able to participate or you may have last minute entrants! Please simply keep us updated if your team number is changing.

The Showquest Manual states 'two team leaders' - what if I have more/less?

Having more than two students in leadership roles is absolutely fine! However, we can only allow two students on stage at the end of your performance for the short interview part and only two during prize giving. You may decide to use two students for the interview and two different students for prize giving, this is a great option! There are also other options for students to have a leadership role within their Showquest team, we have Lighting Design Leader(s), Stage Leader(s) and/or Live Music Leader. Contact us for the leadership descriptions.

What do we do for food throughout the day?

We encourage you to bring packed snacks/lunches. High schools may decide to let students out to nearby eateries throughout the day if they have downtime, this is up to your discretion. In terms of dinner, takeaways are a great option. Some of our venues do not allow takeaways inside the venue, therefore you will have to find a spot outside to eat. Please recycle wherever possible!

One of our props is quite heavy - can a parent/teacher carry this on and off stage?

Unfortunately not! As per our guidelines in the Showquest Manual, we allow hand-held props only. These must be carried on and off stage by two students. They can be no bigger than 2 metres high and must be able to be lifted on and off stage by two students.

Do we have to use the video wall?

We encourage you to utilise it as it really makes your performance stand out! No need to stress out if you don't have experience with creating digital content, we have free to use video content you can use (available in the manual)! You can also find royalty free content on the internet. If you'd like to film your own content, this is also a great option! iPhone cameras these days are amazing, you definitely don't have to have flash camera gear. Let us know if you need a hand!

A couple of students will need to leave straight after their performance on the night. Is this okay?

Absolutely! Unfortunately this means they will miss the prize giving buzz but I'm sure you will fill them in.

What is the process at the end of the show?

With Senior schools, teachers are in charge of the sign out process at their own discretion. For Junior schools, we will set different areas in the foyer for you to reunite children and parents/caregivers following the show.

Will there be car parking available onsite?

This depends on the venue. There is not often parking onsite throughout the day. Some theatres may have carparks available for public use. In terms of the show that evening, there will always be parking surrounding the venue.

We hope this answers a few of the questions you may have. Please contact us at with any further questions and we'll add them in!

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