Thinking about integrating NCEA standards into your Showquest or Toi? Have a read!

Showquest is an opportunity for ākonga across Aotearoa to develop their confidence and leadership skills, work collaboratively and express their creativity. Showquest is run by RQP, who have been active supporters of creative students since 1988.

RQP continues to develop programmes and offers an NCEA e-book for the following programmes:

Students pour so much of their time and energy into Showquest, and we want to highlight ways that senior students could earn NCEA credits for their hard work. This e-book is designed as a guide for both teachers and students looking to approach NCEA differently. Students involved in Showquest may also be eligible for cross-credits from subjects they are not enrolled in.

NCEA integration for Showquest is completely optional and we understand many schools may choose to keep it as an extracurricular activity or integrate with NCEA for leadership students only.

Have a read here and let us know if you have any questions at all!

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Showquest - March 12 • Toi - April 9• OnScreen - July 30