A few reviews from previous years, feel free to email yours through to!

Macleans College, 2020

“I am deeply impressed and grateful to the Showquest team for their resilience and flexibility with doing everything they could to give our kids a platform to perform this year despite overwhelming obstacles on your end. You are all brilliant and deserve a massive holiday. Your communication, assistance, efficiency and passion for giving these kids an opportunity to perform against all odds is nothing short of exceptional. Thank you!”

Jess Harrison

2019 Reviews

“The opportunity that Showquest provided our children (those who are involved in the arts and those who are not) was amazing. It gives so many of them a taste of the spotlight and the rush of performing. It has been an excellent and awesome experience where our students have learnt about themselves and the world of drama and arts.”

“The opportunity for student-led creativity is wonderful. The learning involved for the students was instrumental in refining team work, collaboration, leadership, organisation and communication skills. Event organisers were friendly, warm, and very prompt with returning emails.”

St Mary's Wellington, 2020

"Showquest is an amazing opportunity that allows students with all different talents to work together to create a project that we are all passionate about. Having friendly staff at Showquest helps build the positive creative energy students thrive off."

Emma Duncan

Kristin School, 2020

"Showquest provides an amazing opportunity for students to showcase their passion and talent in a variety of artforms. It was such a new, challenging and fulfilling experience for us as we explored the intersections of dance, music, film and wearable art. Our leadership and collaboration skills were also developed in the process. The event organisers were always supportive of us and I honestly can't wait to craft another entry for next year!"

Amy Chen

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