The original stage-based mini broadway that follows the elements of
Art, Music, Dance, Drama, Culture & Technology.
These shows are held in professional venues around Aotearoa.

The Basics

This is a simple outline for Showquest.
Once you’ve entered, you’ll receive the full Showquest Manual.


Performance team numbers are a maximum of 100 performers. All schools are welcome and teams can be any size smaller than this! These numbers do not not include technical and support crew.


Showquest is split into Junior & Open Sections. Junior is year 1-8 and Open is year 1-13. Schools with a roll over 1,500  are eligible to apply to enter 2 teams (subject to confirmation from the Event Office). Each student may only take part in 1 performance.


Entry fee is $10 per performer and backstage students (excl. adult support crew), it has been set at this level as we want it to be affordable to participate.


Each performance will follow a theme. Let your creative mind run wild! Points and awards will be given for originality. Make sure in your theme selection that you are not infringing copyright. If you have any concerns about your theme, please contact the Event Office.


Commercial music or original music created by musicians from your school may be used. Most schools choose to create a ‘mashup’ of songs and audio. Have fun with this as it is one of the best ways of telling a story and expressing a theme, idea or feeling.

Live Music

School groups have the opportunity to combine their pre-recorded soundtrack with a live music element. This could be made up of a band, vocalists and/or narrators of up to 10 students and will take place in our Rockshop Live Music Pit, separate to the main stage.


Each performance can be a maximum of 10 minutes long. Your setup, entrance, performance, pack down and exit all need to take place in this allocation. You do not have to use the full time!


We allow hand-held props that can be carried on and off stage by one or two students. They can be no bigger than 2 metres high and must be able to be lifted on and off stage by one or two students.


Our LED video screen is a more sustainable option than large props and sets, and will help you to create the world of your show. From block colours, animation, images, moving videos and more, your options are endless when it comes to making your performance stand out.


All performances are required to provide one or two Lighting Designers, who will work alongside our Showquest Lighting Director through both your rehearsal time and performance. This student does not require any previous experience with lighting, take it as an opportunity to learn!


We have put together an NCEA E Book on how you can earn credits in our Showquest, Wearable Art & OnScreen programmes. That'll be released shortly under 'Resources'. Keep an eye out!


Events will be held at professional venues in each region around Aotearoa. Ticket information will be released closer to the time. Find the date and venue info under the ‘About’ tab.


Although Showquest is primarily about participation,
there will be awards for both the Junior & Open Sections.

  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Regionally
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Nationally
  • ZM's Choice Award (National)
  • Best Cultural Story (National)
  • NZ Music Commission Live Music Award (National)
  • ZM Soundtrack Award
  • Theme
  • Video Wall
  • Drama
  • Choreography
  • Lighting
  • Live Music
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Costume & Enhancement
  • Props
  • Outstanding Rangatahi (Star of the Show)
  • Tikanga (School Pride)


Covid-19 over the past two years has become an everyday consideration for us all and will be something we are all thinking about as we move towards the event season.

We have always prioritised the safety of our event participants and their whānau and friends, and in these uncertain times, this is no different. We appreciate your patience and support as we’ve navigated this tricky situation and changes to best practice.

Vaccination Requirements
We are able to confirm, following the update to the COVID-19 Public Health Response Order, that students involved in a school-organised Showquest or Toi team will not need to provide a vaccine pass to participate. Involvement in Showquest/Toi is a school-organised activity, so all students attending on the day (performers, backstage, lighting designers, Toi designers etc) are exempt from providing a vaccine pass.

Currently, everyone onsite will need to wear a mask indoors, unless performing onstage or having Toi photos taken.

Under Red, schools can now have student groups of 100 performers + backstage crew and adult support crew.

We are continuing to review and update our plans.

Live or Digital Show plans
At this stage, we are waiting for additional information from the Government and MOE to clarify our roadmap out of Red. We know that the essence of Showquest is connection, excitement, and celebration; and it is our sincere hope that we can run live shows with
friends and whānau filling up theatres. However, we have a robust Digital Show plan to allow us to operate under Red. In this fluid situation, it remains too early to make a final decision so we are planning for both outcomes with our venues.

We need to be realistic with our timeframes to pull off a ticketed live show as these have different crew, technical and budget requirements, while still being flexible and committed to providing everyone with the best Showquest experience possible.
We will make a final call as to whether we operate our live show or digital show plan for each region as soon as possible, but definitely at least 4 weeks before the event.

Ngā mihi nui for your support
As an organisation, we absolutely believe all people involved in an RQP programme must feel safe and welcome, and we must do what we can to help keep our community safe.
As we plan our events, we are considering the safety of the students coming to the events and their support crew (teachers, friends and whānau), our event staff, and the staff we will encounter at the different venues we use throughout the country. There are many moving parts, and we appreciate your understanding and patience as we all adapt alongside the New Zealand Government guidelines.

We are so appreciative of your ongoing support, especially in these difficult times for the arts.

As always - if you have any questions, send us an email at


A nationwide short-film challenge for high school students, get involved!

The Basics

This is a simple outline for OnScreen.
Once we launch for 2022, you will be able to register and receive the full OnScreen Manual.


All participants must be enrolled in an NZ school (including home school and correspondence school). Schools may submit multiple entries, however students may only take part in one film production each.


Entry crew numbers are a maximum of 30 with no minimum number. Entrants must all attend the same school. However, feel free to have actors/whānau/friends in your shoot that aren't from your school. Just as long as the planning and filming has been done by your crew! All entries must have a student director.


OnScreen is a nationwide digital short-film challenge for high school students. We're committed to supporting young creatives and want to help remove  barriers for access by making it accessible to any high school student anywhere in Aotearoa.


We will create film briefs for filmmakers to be inspired by, which will be announced in early 2022. These briefs will be intentionally thematic (not genre-based) and open to a wide array of interpretations. Stay tuned!


OnScreen does not allow any commercial music to be used in your film. You still have a number of options to incorporate music and sound effects though! You can source royalty-free music or audio, create original music or devise a scripted narrative performance with no music.


Think like Peter Jackson and use on-location filming to take your production to the next level. Film a school scene in a classroom, a dramatic scene on an overcast beach, film the sunset or clouds moving across the sky or rig up a green screen - your options are endless!


This is just as important in a short film as it is for our performers in the Showquest live events. Think about your characters and how to develop them with effective costuming, hair & make-up.


One of the biggest elements of OnScreen will be how you decide to edit your footage to create your final film. You can really get creative here. with editing effects, digital effects and filters, sound effects and camera cuts. Some great programs to start with are iMovie, Premiere Pro & Windows Movie Maker.


You'll be required to upload your final edit on the website by the due date. We will then upload all films to our platform and create a free digital show to share with your community, friends & whānau.


We will create a Digital Showcase from submitted videos. These will be available online to watch at the completion of the competition. This will allow all schools. students and the public to watch each other's amazing mahi.


We have put together an NCEA E Book on how you can earn credits in our OnScreen, Toi & Showquest programmes. That'll be released shortly under 'Resources'. Keep an eye out!


All practical means must be taken to ensure people are kept safe while creating this entry. If Covid-19 Alert Levels are in place, all gathering restrictions and requirements must be diligently followed. It is your responsibility to make sure your performance operates in a manner that doesn't jeopardise people's wellbeing and safety.


A huge thanks to the team at GoPro for providing epic prizes
to OnScreen award winners in 2021!

  • 1st Place winning $2,000 - Heroine/Lily Knox, St Hilda’s Collegiate School
  • 2nd Place winning $1000 -Dearest Mother/Zac Bell, King’s High School Otago
  • 3rd Place winning $500 - Deluge/Kate Kominik-Fraser, Wellington Girls’ College
  • Best Cultural Story winning a GoPro - For My Father /Waka Wikaire-James, King’s College
  • ZM’s Choice winning a GoPro - The First Shot/Aden Gray, Feilding High School
  • Best Director winning $500 - Catharsis/J.J. Farry, Liston College
  • Best Producer winning $500 - 1888/Jovi Taylor, Hamilton Girls’ High School
  • Best Performer winning $500 - Unconscious Memory/Lea Cronje, Newlands College
  • Best Editor winning a GoPro - Surprise/Connor Hislop, Kuranui College